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Cybersecurity Compliance Content Marketing Master Jedi

Former lawyer, internal auditor, and educator, Karen Walsh is a cybersecurity and compliance Word Wizard, SEO Superheroine, and Marketing Master Jedi. After 12 years of internal audit work, Karen expanded into the cybersecurity marketing industry because it allowed her to bring together her legal, compliance, teaching, and writing skills in one place. She is also a CMMC Registered Professional.

She has experience working across a variety of areas in cybersecurity including:
External vulnerability monitoring
Identity Governance and Administration
Cyber awareness training
Log management She has articles accepted by well-established industry publications including:
Dark Reading
Security Magazine
HelpNet Security
Security Boulevard

Professional Geek

That’s right. I’m a professional. I’m a geek. I’m a professional geek. I’m also a Ravenclaw.

Karen Walsh cybersecurity expert

Follow the Way of The Force

Even though Karen is a Cybersecurity Compliance and Product Marketing Master Jedi, her mind tricks are limited to writing. This means that you have to contact her since she can’t feel the disturbance in the Force.

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