Empathizing with customer pain points and needs is the foundation of product marketing. Leveraging my teaching skills, I enjoy bringing customers and businesses together by asking the "why" and "how" questions that dig into the most important product values.


Bringing together SaaS B2B differentiators and customer problems, I synthesize the two into an overarching story based in the symbiotic relationship between customers and the products that enable them to protect data.


Creating a product marketing strategy around customer pain points and product/solution differentiators gives organizations a stronger foundation for accelerating the sale cycle.

Ankara, Turkey - April 06, 2013: Lego Star Wars minifigure Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are fighting with sword in front of other Star Wars characters isolated on white background.

Cybersecurity Compliance Master Jedi

Former lawyer and internal auditor, Karen Walsh is a cybersecurity compliance Master Jedi. After 12 years of internal audit work, Karen expanded into the cybersecurity marketing industry because it allowed her to bring together her legal, compliance, teaching, and writing skills in one place.

Level up product marketing programs with expert content based in real-world customer problems.

Professional Geek

That's right. I'm a professional. I'm a geek. I'm a professional geek. I'm also a Ravenclaw.

Karen Walsh cybersecurity expert

Follow the Way of The Force

Even though Karen is a Cybersecurity Compliance and Product Marketing Master Jedi, her mind tricks are limited to writing. This means that you have to contact her since she can't feel the disturbance in the Force.