Information Security/Cyber Security

Increased data breaches and continually evolving malicious actors place everyone’s information at risk. I provide CISO and C-suite enabling content for cybersecurity software-as-a-solution B2B companies.

Data Backup/Recovery

Cloud and local data backup and recovery solutions offer disaster recovery and business continuity solutions in the event of a natural or digital disaster. Whether you need B2B or B2C copy, I explain 3-2-1 data backup and recovery with the appropriate positioning.

FinTech and RegTech

From 2004-2016 I provided internal audit and compliance officer experience for local community banks. With the OCC’s FinTech special charters, RegTech B2Bs can hire me to help engage with new financial services providers.

Ankara, Turkey - April 06, 2013: Lego Star Wars minifigure Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are fighting with sword in front of other Star Wars characters isolated on white background.

Master SEO Jedi

My experience includes acting as content manager for a SaaS compliance tool, as well as writer for GeekMom and an educational blog.

Professional Geek

That's right. I'm a professional. I'm a geek. I'm a professional geek. I'm also a Ravenclaw.

Allegro Solutions Karen Walsh

Follow the Way of The Force

Even though I'm a master SEO Jedi, my mind tricks are limited to my writing. This means that you have to contact me since I can't feel the disturbance in the Force.