Founder and CEO, Karen Walsh

Karen Walsh cybersecurity expert

Turning Padawans to Jedi

Karen Walsh is a lawyer and former internal auditor turned subject matter expert in cybersecurity and privacy regulatory compliance. She provides consulting and content services for cybersecurity startups, translating technology features into business-oriented and compliance solutions. She believes that securing today’s data protects tomorrow’s users. Karen is a CMMC Registered Practitioner who has been published in the ISACA Journal, Dark Reading, HelpNet Security, NextGov, and Security Magazine.

Her approach to B2B  cybersecurity content writing couples her ability to communicate complex, abstract ideas as an instructor with her love (yes, love) of all things compliance. She believes that content marketing should drive buyer awareness, education, and value.

Ultimately, these beliefs align with SEO best practices. Karen’s depth and breadth of knowledge and experience mean that she offers clients defined messaging that resonates while also creating digital content assets that consistently rank for targeted keywords.

Associate Writer, Kate Salvaggio

Kate brings a deep technology background to Allegro Solutions. Her 13 years in the IT space in combination with her work as a litigation paralegal give her the ability to dig into the technical side of networking solutions and regulatory compliance. Her background includes managing vendor contracts, which means she is highly aware of the need for robust vendor risk management. She has experience with database servers, security systems, point-of-sale terminals, and network security administration.

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