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Turning Padawans to Jedi

Increased data breaches arising out of more sophisticated attack methods mean everyone needs more security education. Unfortunately, not every InfoSec Padawan has a Jedi Cybersecurity Master that can explain the Light Side well. CISO and IT Department Jedi need lightsabers to fight Sith Cyberattackers. You need content that helps CISOs and IT departments get the tools they need, and the c-suite/Board of Director buy-in required. With the right content, everyone can defeat the Empire together.

My Origin Story

In 2004, I passed the Bar exam. During law school, I focused on administrative law (that 9th Circuit, man). As an eccentric person who loves reading regulations, compliance offered the perfect fit.

Established in 2004, Allegro Solutions, LLC initially offered community banks with a part-time compliance officer solution but later focused on Bank Secrecy Act and Privacy internal audits. As part of my career growth, I also taught college writing from 2005 until 2018.

B2B and B2C cybersecurity content writing couples my ability to communicate complex, abstract ideas as an instructor with my love of all things compliance. And yes, I use the word “love” in conjunction with “compliance.”

What should you do now?

For more information about my products or to get a quote, email me at karenwalshjd@gmail.com

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