Do you write blog post content?

Yes, yes we do. In fact, writing strong SEO keyword posts that help bring in organic traffic are one of my strongest skills. Google "back to school with LEGO" and you'll be able to find my GeekMom post on the first page of the Google search. If you're looking for people to find you, I can help with that.

Can you do anything else, or are you a one trick pony?

I'm multifunctional.

We have experience with buyer persona development, content strategy, whitepapers, webinar development, PR thought leadership, and social media.

I also have experience working with writing emails and newsletters.

Let's be real. What's the price?

Long Form: $350/post
1000 -1500 words (increases on-page time which is related to SEO)

Medium Form: $250/post
700-999 words

Short Form: $150/post
500-699 words

Landing pages: $200