Do you write blog post content?

Yes, yes we do. In fact, writing strong SEO keyword posts that help bring in organic traffic are one of my strongest skills. Google "back to school with LEGO" and you'll be able to find my GeekMom post on the first page of the Google search. If you're looking for people to find you, I can help with that.

Can you do anything else, or are you a one trick pony?

I'm multifunctional.

I have experience with social media engagement. Each platform appeals to a different type of audience so tailoring to your product/service means choosing the right platform.

I also have experience working with writing emails and newsletters.

Let's be real. What's the price?

To quote prices is difficult. I provide different types of content.

Landing pages can range from $50-$100 depending on the type of content.

Blog posts start at $75 for a 500-750 word Facebook ad post with no SEO keyword. Midrange would be around $200 for a strong SEO keyword post at 750-1000 words. Posts above 1500 words are categorized based on SEO requirements and technical difficulty of the material and can range from $200 to $500.